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Dell G15 SE

Dell G15 SE Gaming Laptop Review

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Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes and has come more commonplace as tackle becomes more important. The challenge laptop makers face is balancing power with portability, commodity that isn’t easy to do. Gaming laptops are traditionally known for having poor battery life, being big, and thus making them delicate to use as a mobile bias. The 2021 Dell G15 is Dell’s newestmid-tier gaming laptop. Could this gaming laptop be the ideal balance of power, battery life, and portability? Let’s find out in moment’s review.

Unboxing the Dell G15

Dell chose to stick with a straightforward, no- gibberish approach to packaging. Inside the rambler brown cardboard box you’ll find the Dell G15 SE laptop, a 240 watt power slipup, attestation, and defensive packaging. Upon near examination it looks like Dell took a more environmentally friendly approach to their packaging. All packaging used including the plastic was recyclable.
Upon unboxing the Dell G15 I had two immediate original prints. The first was of the material use for the body of the laptop. The Dell G15 has an entirely plastic body. Although the body is plastic the Dell G15 feels sturdy and durable. In addition to cost saving, a farther benefit of a plastic body is that it reduces the weight of the laptop. In the case of the Dell G15 the total weight with a plastic body is5.4 lbs. While it wo n’t win any awards for being the lightest laptop. The15.6 inch Dell 15 is still light enough to be comfortably carrier around in a laptop case or pack.

Dell G15 connectivity options

These days it’s common to hear people talk about that “ dongle life ”. This is because in an trouble to save space laptop makers have reduced connectivity options down to lower than a sprinkle of anchorages. In some cases, laptops only have two USB C anchorages, meaning that a dongle is demanded if you want to use USB A, HDMI, ethernet, memory cards,etc.

Fortunately, the Dell G15 comes with a good variety of connectivity options so that you do n’t need to carry redundant USB dongles. There are three USB A anchorages, which is just enough for you to plug in storehouse options and a mouse. Along the reverse you ’ll find an HDMI2.0 and USB- C harborage; both can be used to connect external displays. For productivity plaint like myself this is a great addition. With two video affair connections you can maximize your desktop space by connecting fresh observers. Eventually, there’s also a devoted3.5 mm headphone and microphone jack. I liked this addition as it meant that I had the option of using wireless or wired headphones when harkening to music or playing games.

Gaming on the Dell G15

The Dell G15 SE that I tested came with a 10th word core i7 CPU and a NVIDIA 3060 6 GB GPU. While the 6 GB NVIDIA 3060 GPU places the G15 into amid-tier gaming laptop it’s no couch potato when playing games. Testing APEX Legends I was suitable to hit an normal of 150 fps at maximum settings. still, when playing further graphically ferocious games like COD Warzone, the 3060’s 6 GB of VRAM came a tailback . Because of the limited VRAM I demanded to lower the game’s graphic settings, leading to a slight reduction in visual quality. That being said, after some fine tuning I still manage to play COD Warzone at a satisfactory 75 fps.

Dell G15 productivity eventuality and battery life

Because the Dell G15 SE is design for gaming it packs some serious tackle. That tackle also makes the laptop a strong contender for scholars and productivity professionals. The 512 GB NVMe SSD storehouse is perfect balance of large storehouse capacity and presto read/ write capabilities. This means that you ’ll have further than enough space to store your games along side your work documents.

Dell G15 is a well rounded important laptop for all

After spending some time with the Dell G15 I came more and more fond of the laptop. The capability to play my favourite games and have a productivity hustler on the go just ca n’t be beat. The large15.6 ” screen, seven to eight hour battery life, and modest weight make the Dell G15 a well rounded machine that suits each of your gaming and productivity requirements. To see what other laptops and computer accessories are available from Dell have a look then.

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