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Drake trending on social media

Drake apparently responds to ‘leaked video’ rumors

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Wondering why Drake is trending on social media lately? Well, he’s been making waves online, but not necessarily for his music. You might have noticed his name popping up right below the late country singer Toby Keith, who passed away on Monday night.

Behind the Trend: The NSFW “Leaked Video”

So, what’s the buzz about Drake? On X, formerly known as Twitter, people are talking about a potentially NSFW “leaked video” supposedly involving the rapper. It’s got folks chatting, even though it’s not directly related to his music career.

A Playful Exchange: Adin Ross and Drake’s Banter

Here’s the scoop: A popular online streamer named Adin Ross, who happens to have Drake’s phone number, sent the rapper a playful voice message, hinting at the rumored video. After playing the message on his stream, Ross reportedly got a response from Drake, filled with laughing emojis.

Friendship in the Limelight: Drake and Adin Ross

While there’s no screenshot of their conversation, it’s no secret that Ross and Drake are buddies. They’ve been open about their friendship before, with Drake even congratulating Ross on a big win from online betting.

Drake’s Silence: No Public Response Yet

As for Drake himself, he hasn’t addressed the viral rumors publicly. His latest Instagram post was about an upcoming tour with Lil Durk and J. Cole, focusing on music rather than the online chatter.

The Deepfake Debate: Authenticity in Question

Now, whether or not this video is actually linked to Drake remains unclear. But it’s not the first time a celebrity has been caught up in leaked video rumors. Just last week, there were explicit deepfake images of Taylor Swift circulating online, leading X to restrict searches for her name.

Conclusion: Stirring the Online Community

So, when it comes to this whole “Drizzy” situation, it’s hard to say if the video is authentic or just another deepfake. But either way, it’s definitely causing a stir online. Drake trending on social media

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