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Samsung Odyssey G9

Samsung Odyssey G9 does the work of three observers

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I’ve been a technology skinflint utmost of my life. I ’ve infrequently bought a examiner brand-new; I ’m pleased to say I erected together my current three- screen articulating swing- arm setup primarily from Craigslist and hand- me- campo. But this fall, I had an occasion to temporarily replace my three aging displays with the most ridiculous, most advanced gaming examiner ever made thesuper-ultrawide,super-curved,ultra-high resolution 49- inch Samsung Odyssey G9.

The Samsung Odyssey G9 is a examiner so big, so wide, so twisted, it can fill a midsized office and wrap around your entire field of view. It’s also simply a phenomenal screen speedy( 240Hz, 1ms, G- Sync, and FreeSync 2), high resolution( 5120 x 1440- pixel), and bursting with brilliant color thanks to a QLED panel that tops out at an eye-searing,000 nits of brilliance. I ’m not kidding when I say I’ve to forestall my eyes when I launch fortune 2 in HDR, and I could swear I felt the dears the first many times my Star Wars Squadrons ’ TIE Bomber blasted anX-Wing into oblivion.


The Odyssey G9 is a looker, and I do n’t just mean that figuratively last January, attendees of the world’s biggest technology show were dazed by its unknown curve and sci- fi inspired frame.

When I put that same examiner on my humble IKEA sit- stand office, the effect is unearthly. Compared to my old hodgepodge of defenses and rat’s nest of cabling, this G9 looks like a terminal aboard a Star Trek spaceship. indeed if my physical keyboard and its long pleated string ruin the vision a bit.

The sheer size of the Odyssey G9 and its broad- shouldered stage do limit your options. I ’m lucky that my small- form- factor Ncase M1 can fit behind the screen, and there’s just enough concurrence( a little over six elevation) for my Audioengine A2 speakers to fit underneath the examiner at the stage’s loftiest position. But if I had a bigger PC or bigger speakers, I might have also demanded a bigger office — or differently had to use the included 100 mm x 100 mm VESA appendage to mount the nearly four- bases wide, one- bottom deep, 31- pound screen to the wall. My current examiner arms ca n’t carry nearly that important weight, though you can buy some television arms that do.


My first big test for Samsung’s Odyssey G9 was n’t a press or indeed PC gaming — last month, Ico-hosted The Verge’s assiduity- notorious Apple event live blog, landing every screenshot you saw. I typically run three observers because I switch tasks like frenetic, and if there’s a better multitasking test than an Apple event, I have n’t met it yet.


The first thing you should know about gaming on the Samsung Odyssey G9 is that you ’ll want a serious plates card to go with it. Technically, 5120 x 1440 resolution is n’t relatively as numerous pixels as a 3840 x 2160 4K UHD screen. but flash back we ’re also talking about a examiner that goes up to 240Hz. To duly review the Odyssey G9, I espoused an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 to get enough power, since my GTX 1080 could n’t indeed run games like Death Grounding or fortune 2 at 60 fps easily at that resolution.

The alternate thing you should know about gaming on the Odyssey G9 is that it may not be relatively as immersive as you ’re imagining.

The ultimate ultrawide, but the stylish examiner?

The Samsung Odyssey G9 costs$ — a decoration price for a decoration examiner like nothing differently on the request. You can find other 49- inch 329 panels for lower, but none with this combination of resolution, brilliance, curve, and refresh rate. The closest you can come is last time’s$,200 Samsung CRG9 which maintains the resolution and brilliance but with half the refresh rate at 120Hz and a specially less pronounced 1800R curve — which, I imagine, would n’t be as good at giving you satisfying supplemental vision in games.

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