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Things That Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Apple store

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Apple store are well-known for their sleek design and innovative products. But there is much more to the stores than meets the eye. From the company’s strict employee guidelines to the secret rooms in the back. There are many things that Wikipedia can’t tell you about Apple stores. In this article, we’ll explore some of the lesser-known facts and secrets surrounding these iconic retail spaces.

The Hiring Process is Extremely Selective:

Working at an Apple store is not for everyone. The company is known for being extremely selective when it comes to hiring employees. Candidates are put through a rigorous interview process, and only those with the right combination of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills make the cut. Apple’s stringent hiring standards ensure that every employee is able to provide the high level of customer service that the company is known for.

The Stores are Design to Encourage Interaction:

The design of Apple stores is not just about aesthetics, but also about encouraging interaction between customers and employees. The open floor plan and minimalist design allows customers to easily approach employees for assistance. And the hands-on demonstrations give customers the opportunity to try out products for themselves. This interaction is crucial to the Apple store experience, as it helps customers to better understand the products and make informed purchasing decisions.

Apple Stores are a Destination:

Apple stores are not just places to buy products, they’re destinations. Customers come to the stores not just to make purchases, but also to attend workshops and events, and to simply experience the unique atmosphere. The stores are design to be welcoming and accessible, and many people spend hours exploring the products and talking to employees.

The Genius Bar is a Source of Technical Expertise:

The Genius Bar is one of the most recognizable features of an Apple store. It’s a place where customers can go to get technical support, troubleshoot problems, and receive advice on how to get the most out of their Apple products. The Genius Bar is staffed by highly trained technical experts who are passionate about helping customers and solving problems.

The Back of the Store is Off-Limits to Most Customers:

Most customers are only able to access the front of the store, but there is a secret back room that is off-limits to all but a select few. This room is known as the “Back of House” and is where employees store extra products and perform other tasks. The room is also where employees go for breaks and to receive training. The existence of this room highlights the tight-knit community that exists within Apple stores, and the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

Apple Stores are Not Allow to Sell Refurbished Products:

Despite being a company that values sustainability, Apple stores are not allow to sell refurbished products. This policy ensures that customers are only able to purchase products that are in new condition, and that they receive the full Apple experience. However, customers can still purchase refurbished products from the Apple website or from authorized resellers.

Apple Stores are a Major Driver of the Company’s Success:

Apple stores are a major contributor to the company’s success, and have become a defining aspect of the brand. The stores not only provide customers with a place to purchase products. But also offer a unique shopping experience that has helped to make Apple one of the most valuable companies in the world. With their focus on design, customer service, and innovation, Apple stores are a model for retailers everywhere.


In conclusion, Apple stores are much more than just retail spaces for purchasing products. From the highly selective hiring process to the secret back rooms. There is a lot that Wikipedia can’t tell you about Apple stores. The stores are design to encourage interaction between customers and employees, and they are destinations where customers can attend events, receive technical support, and simply experience the unique atmosphere. The Genius Bar is a source of technical expertise. And the company’s policy of not selling refurbished products in stores ensures that customers receive the full Apple experience. Apple stores are a major driver of the company’s success and a model for retailers everywhere. With their focus on design, customer service, and innovation, Apple stores continue to set the bar for the retail industry.

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